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Peters Engineering Group provides a variety of services in the civil, traffic, and municipal engineering fields, each tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the client. Whether your project requires infrastructure improvements, traffic engineering, or a combination of both, Peters Engineering Group can fulfuill all consulting needs under one roof.

14th Ave Bike Lanes (Stroud to Sierra) & Lincoln Street Reconstruction - Kingsburg

Civil and municipal Engineering

Peters Engineering Group provides clients with civil and municipal engineering services ranging from interchange design to park improvement projects. Peters Engineering Group has prepared designs for street rehabilitation projects such as overlays as well as complete roadway reconstructions. We have also completed several sewer and water-related projects including city-wide water model updates, well and storage tank improvements, water and sewer distribution system upgrades, and pump station designs and modifications. Extensive knowledge of both local and state roadway standards and an excellent working relationship with Caltrans keeps projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Peters Engineering Group has assisted various agencies and municipalities with develoment support in the areas of conditional use permits, lot line adjustments, site plan review, technical final map reviews, improvement plan reviews, preparation of subdivision agreements and reimbursement agreements, and construciton administration. In such a role, we have provided all of the technical plan reviews and written all conditions of approval for infrastructure related improvements.

As principal engineer, Mr. David Peters has over 20 years of combined experience serving as the contract City Engineer for the City of Kingsburg and the City of Fowler. In this role he has gained extensive experience in responding to various needs of city staff and elected officials, writing grants, representing the City in discussions with multiple government agencies, and preparing all federal funding documents required by Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).


Municipal Engineering

City Engineering Services

Urban / Rural Street and Highway Design

Water System Improvements

Public Park Improvements

Utility Master Plans

Construction Management

Fulton Mall Signal

Traffic Engineering

Peters Engineering Group is a well-respected, full-service traffic engineering firm that provides a solution-oriented approach to meeting our clients' traffic consulting needs. Our unique experience portfolio working with private developers, municipalities, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) gives us extensive experience with a wide range of traffic engineering projects. We have performed hundreds of traffic impact studies for a variety of sporting facilities, aggregate mining sites, residential and commerical developments, municipal improvement projects, and special event and construction projects. We utilize the most current traffic engineering software including Autocad, Citilabs Cube, HCS+, SYNCHRO, and Traffix to ensure accurate and up-to-date project delivery.


Highway and Roadway Design

Interchange Design

Roadway Rehabilitaion

Roadway Operational Improvements

Roundabout Design

Traffic Signal Design

Signal Timing and Interconnect Design

Project Study Reports

Caltrans Design Exceptions

Traffic Impact Studies

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Traffic Signal Warrang Studies

Parking Studies

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Analysis

Bus / Transit Needs Assessment

Lane Diet Projects

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