The City of Clovis retained Peters Engineering Group to provide engineering services related to the design of a two-lane roundabout at the intersection of Alluvial Avenue/Owens Mountain Parkway and Temperance Avenue in Clovis, California.   The intersection is located approximately 400 feet north of the SR 168/Temperance Avenue interchange.  The primary purpose of the project was to establish an intersection control that is complimentary to the nearby freeway ramp intersection to accommodate future development.  A portion of the roundabout is located within State right-of-way and required Caltrans design oversight to obtain the proper encroachment permit.  The project constructed a 2 lane, 4 direction roundabout.  Items for construction include demolition of the existing intersection, new HMA pavement, median curb, curb and gutter, sidewalk, truck apron, landscaping and irrigation, sidewalks, signing and striping street and area lighting, water main relocation, and storm drain construction.  Design challenges included minimization of reconstructed pavement area outside the intersection, construction staging to allow local businesses to stay open during construction, and obtaining Caltrans design group approval for the proposed roundabout.