Peters Engineering Group prepared the grant application, plans, specifications, and estimates for the Bethel & Sierra Roundabout project in Kingsburg. The existing intersection was a 4-way stop controlled intersection. The City of Kingsburg purchased right-of-way on three of the four corners of the intersection. The project involved, in general, the construction of a 4-leg roundabout, which included demolition, grading, and paving for a new roundabout, construction of concrete improvements, application of pavement delineation and signage, and furnishing and installing street lights and irrigation sleeves, all near the intersection Sierra Street and Bethel Avenue in the City of Kingsburg. Additionally, Peters Engineering Group provided construction management and federal project administration services for the City of Kingsburg by performing all necessary federal documentation and submitting reimbursement invoices to Caltrans Local Assistance on behalf of the City of Kingsburg.