The County of Madera retained Peters Engineering Group to design a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Road 274 and Road 225 in North Fork, California. The existing intersection had a two-lane road in both directions while controlled by a 3-way stop.  The intersection is located in the mountains with steep grades near nine percent in the east/west direction. Snow is periodically expected at this elevation and the roundabout’s geometric design incorporates the needs of snow removal equipment. The roundabout slows down and eases traffic by using raised concrete splitter islands as the motorists approach, also increasing safety.  The large center island gives the community the opportunity to display local culture using creative landscaping.  The project improves safety, traffic circulation and alleviates the delay of stopped traffic with the benefits of reducing air pollution. The project scope included NEPA and CEQA document preparation, right of way acquisition document preparation, horizontal and vertical roadway design, storm drain hydraulic and hydrological analysis and design, utility coordination, street lighting, traffic control and construction staging plans, and signage and striping plans. Specifications were prepared in Caltrans Standard 2015 format, with special provisions.  The project was completed February 2020.